#braeden is so done with your teenage romance bullshit #scott dude we’re on a time limit #hug your non girlfriend later


do you ever get into one of those situations where you’re like “I need to stop hating this particular person it’s not going to get me anywhere I’m just going to grow up and move on with my life” but then they do the tiniest thing to piss you off and then you’re like “nope fuck you right off I want to throw you off a bridge”



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 she’s so brutal and blunt and animalistic yet still so adorable and lost and sweet and innocent.

Track Title: Bad Romance (Lady Gaga Cover)

Artist: Frank Ocean

Are we gonna talk interior design and fashion,
                                           or are we gonna talk numbers?

Track Title: Talk

Artist: Kodaline

Album: In a Perfect World

Kodaline | Talk

You were a moment in life that comes and goes
The rhythm, the rhyme and all no one knows
The change in the heart, a twist of fate
Couldn’t fix it, it’s too late

make me choose | alex/meredith or robb/jon
"I dunno… its just… Meredith always makes me think screwed up people have a chance"

Track Title: For Everything A Reason

Artist: Carina Round

Album: American Horror Story


I saw you leaving.
I saw the light go out.

If someone’s coming to take my head off, then yeahI’d like to know.

I’m not like you guys. I don’t have claws or glowing eyes or super senses. I just have voices in my head.